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The ultimate Positano home base, this secluded cliffside estate is the dernier cri of 60's Italy resort life, blending the elegance of a bygone era with that insouciant nonchalance the holiday jet set has forever-adored

We don't believe in tunnel vision... except when it comes to Maestro Franco Zeffirelli's tour de force of an estate. One that boasts some of the most coveted perches in all the Amalfi Coast. Kindddd of a big deal. What began as a private endeavor, connecting 3 cliffside villas into one magnificent holiday house (hence the name Tre Ville) has evolved into an iconic boutique hotel made up of 5 tranquil, yet vibrantly styled villas with 15 luxurious suites. Add to that list a number of cascading terraces and verandas, secluded gardens with blink-and-you'll-miss-them walkways, a siren-worthy grotto, an organic vegetable garden, a lively beach club, legendary dining spots, a fabulous new spa + fitness space, plus a healthy smattering of locally-sourced products in their totally enviable boutique, and you've got yourself a veritably perfect Amalfi Coast wedding location, theatrically backdropped by glittering Positano and the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Comfortable Transatlantic Glamour

Italian Maximalism 

Italian Meets Moroccan Cinema


Vivid turquoise waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea
Positano's iconic bay


A Sprawling Private Estate Turned Luxury Boutique Hotel 

Exclusive Use & Partial Hire


The ultimate Positano home base, this secluded cliffside estate is the dernier cri of 60's Italy resort life, blending the elegance of a bygone era with that insouciant nonchalance the holiday jet set has forever-adored

Photos courtesy of Villa TreVille and by Peter J. Lindbergh, Dan Kullberg and Emilie White

Photos courtesy of Villa TreVille


We're unabashedly moon-eyed every time we get to witness the beauty of Villa TreVille. It's a delightfully dizzying feeling we've come to accept as tradition through the years - though perhaps we should have known all along that this is the lingering effect a coastal complex of pink + white stucco, painted majolica tiles and gilt filigree lanterns will have on anyone with eyes. 

Villa TreVille's past tenants have certainly left their mark, as evidenced in everything from the Maestro's collection of 18th-century Caltagirone pottery that halos the cozy lounge fireplace via strategic ceramic niches to Julian Schnabel's cosmetic enhancements of a traditional Sicilian puppet theater backdrop in one of the living rooms (a hand-painted text honoring one of his Positano-born artist friends reading "Humanity Asleep"). 

Indeed, you could call this isolated outcrop just a stone's throw from Positano a visual paradise. Arabesque mosaics, pastel patinas, exotic palms... these are just a handful of its mainstay dazzlers. You've also got the terraces spilling with wisteria, jasmine, and fragrant bougainvillea, the stunning lamps by Orsina Sforza throughout Villa Bianca and even the lounge vignettes framed by mother-of-pearl furniture brought over from Libya, accented with hand-picked textiles sourced during scouting sojourns throughout the Far East. The atmosphere is intoxicating (and we want to get drunk). 

We'll dish more on the abundant event location opportunities in the next section, but just know, Villa TreVille doesn't have a single bad angle. In fact, one of it's greatest selling points is the fact that every villa, suite, dining, beach club and garden perch is sea-facing. And it truly doesn't get better than this Positano view. 

Photos courtesy of Villa TreVille and by Dan Kullberg and Susan Honnell


Most couples make a mad dash for the Rotunda Terrace as their ceremony location, and it's not difficult to see why. With unobstructed views of Positano's iconic bay, this serene locale is about as heavenly as it gets. Seating about 80 people, this is a wonderful spot to let the natural mountain, sea and pastel village views do the heavy lifting in terms of visual enhancements and overall ceremony aesthetic. Though there's nothing heavy about it. Guests can access the Rotunda from above or below, so whether they're staying overnight in one of the cliffside villa suites or planting temporary roots in Positano so they can enjoy a dramatic boat arrival (only a 3 min ride from harbor to dock!), you've got plenty of fab opportunities to make a wow-worthy first impression. 

As the hotel can be fully privatized or partially hired, you have a number of additional terraces, gardens and shaded verandas that you can employ for your Cocktail Hour or Drinks Reception. Not to mention, an otherworldly mélange of verdant pergola pathways with fragrant flowering branches and wild greenery vines leading from Point A to Point B. The only thing missing is freshly poured aperol spritz, and we have a feeling the exceptional Villa Treville F&B team has you covered there too.

Al fresco dinners with ambient live music and breezy silk curtains that float in the wind are this fixture of Positano's pane e burro. And their signature terraced restaurant, aptly named Maestro’s, is the place to do it. As much as we adore every nook + cranny of this storied estate, this theatrical post with a knack for metamorphosing into whatever you want it to be is indisputably the best seat in the house. Aside from its camera appeal, Maestro's bears a convenient proximity to the Bianca Bar - an Arabian-inspired space that's white-on-white-on-white (with no shortage of cinematic mystique from the alcove banquettes covered with mirrored Indian fabric to the 19th c Libyan furniture strewn artfully throughout). Fittingly, this opulent salon is where the dance party takes place!

Then there's the beach club. A versatile space with indoor + outdoor settings and room for 120 people, it's a shoe-in venue for an energetic welcome party or laidback beach afternoon to soak up all the classic Amalfi Coast vibes with your guests. 


What's in a name? At Villa TreVille... everything. Famously patronized by everyone from Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor to Liza Minnelli and Elton John, this Amalfi Coast must-stay continues to endorse this code of lived-in elegance, a world traveler's home away from home, in opportunities for past visitors to leave their mark. You don't just feel like a name in a POS here. You become a part of the story. And the host treats you with all the personalized attention and thoughtful touches you'd expect if you were one of Zeffirelli's most celebrated operatic voices. 

Speaking of, the 17 uniquely decorated guest suites scattered across five charming villas are named after the Maestro's own muses, friends and honored past guests. There's the garden-terrace Turandot Suite in Villa Tre Pini, an opulent picture of oriental elegance that's named after the Puccini opera and decorated with Lisa Corti textiles. Then there's the Diaghilev Suite in Villa Azzurra, which pays tribute the eponymous Russian founder of Les Ballets Russes, Sergie Diaghilev, and features nautical design elements amidst a palette of crisp whites + topaz blues. 

You're simply spoilt for choice amidst the Junior, Prestige and Signature Suites with delicious sea views. But our favorite has to be Zeffirelli’s own 3-bedroom spanning suite featuring something old in the first edition books he left behind, something new in the appliqués and lights by Van Der Straeten, something borrowed in the crystal pitcher of sweet lemon juice squeezed fresh from the garden each morning and something blue in the Vietri tile floors, glittering plunge pool and Louis XVI style furnishings. 

All rooms go the extra mile with binoculars, humidors and even fresh-cut flowers to make your stay that much more special. Despite the high luxury, Villa TreVille is anything but stuffy. The staff has been there forever, and they are the epitome of friendliness and can-do attitudes.

Photos courtesy of Villa TreVille and by Pink Ines, Dan Kullberg and Stefano Degirmenci

Photos courtesy of Villa TreVille and by Dan Kullberg and Emilie White


You'd be forgiven for thinking that with views this good, Villa Treville must be lacking in some department. But you won't find reason to complain where food + bev is concerned (or anywhere else for that matter). Like every good Italian home, they mastered the culinary arts a longggg time ago. So brace yourself for the inevitable conversation pauses and table etiquette faux pas that sneak past every one of your how-to-be-a-grown-up filters once your lips hit those ricotta stuffed zucchini flowers for the first time. The vegetables come from the garden once cultivated by Zeffirelli himself, the seafood is locally sourced each morning by the hotel's dedicated fisherman. and the pasta + pizza staples of the region are unceasingly flawless. 


Just a 5 minute drive or 3 minute boat ride from Positano, Villa Treville offers the best of both worlds for couples seeking panoramic views, convenient accessibility and hard-to-come-by privacy in the Amalfi Coast. While even the highest of the luxury villas is nestled several hundred feet below the coastal road, you've got a hidden lift at your disposal to zip you up and down whenever you need.

The off-the-beaten-track address comes with its own set of perks - namely the lack of tourist crowds and traffic noise. But that's not to say you can't get to neighboring villages at the drop of a hat. Villa Treville's skipper can whisk you off to Positano faster than you can sing Bella Ciao!, while Da Adolfo is another nearby beach hang worth exploring for lunch. 

When in Positano, it's worth a stop in Maria Lampo (one of the first boutiques to open in the 50's) for some made-to-measure linen trousers, Ceramica Assunta for some of Vietri's colorful Solimene  creations and Safari for your own pair of handmade sandals. Cap off a fabulous day out at cave nightclub Music on the Rocks for Positano's own version of boogie nights.

That being said, you never have to leave the premises if you're content to while away the hours at the on-site spa, fitness center or boutique. Freshly plucked fruits from Villa TreVille's orchard are always on offer, alongside eggs from the chicken coop, veggies from the organic garden and a healthy number of Italian sweets. Though if you don't see something that catches your eye, all you need do is ask! 

Photos courtesy of Villa TreVille and by Emily Brillanti, Paolo Stella and Marc Scarioni

"The place was a riot of Mediterranean vegetation, pines, flowers, trees, cacti. Through the foliage were dramatic glimpses of Positano, an opera set with dramatic mountains behind it." - Franco Zeffirelli


Lovers of iconic views, storied interiors and cinematic grandeur. If this is you, Villa TreVille may be worth the splurge. Its close proximity to Positano gains favor with guests who can't go a visit to the Amalfi Coast without a lunch at La Scoglio or day trip to Capri's La Fontelina Beach Club.

Speaking of, you'll always hit a home run with your guests when you can divvy up your events and group activities across locations. Perhaps a Welcome Party beneath Da Paolina's lemon tree grove, an informal Path of the Gods Hike for your VIPs and/or anyone who wants to join, a Rehearsal Dinner at Chez Black, a Wedding Day at Villa TreVille and a laidback afternoon "sendoff" at Arienzo Beach Club (without the early morning fuss of a formal farewell brunch). This place is rife with possibility.

Villa TreVille is a spectacular choice for guest counts between up 30-80, when you can justify a full buyout and have more flexibility of the event spaces, noise allowances and curfews. While the hotel can sleep up to 34 guests on-site, there are plenty of other fab  stays between the private villas, luxury hotels and Airbnbs in Positano. That being said, anticipate higher price tags for all of the above. Positano is easily the most popular village in the Amalfi Coast, especially during peak season, so while different price tiers do exist, it's rare to find quality stays for less than $200-300/night at the bare minimum. 

Please note, the hotel is open seasonally from April to October

How to Reach Villa Treville

Address: Via Arienzo, 30, 84017 Positano SA, Italy


Photos courtesy of Villa TreVille and by Pink Ines, Dan Kullberg, Stefano Degirmenci, Susan Honnell, Emilie White and Aaron Delesie

Photos courtesy of Villa TreVille and by Susan Honnell, Emilie White and Aaron Delesie


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