Ciao tutti! We are Alexis & Haley, travel aficionados, aesthetic appreciators, experience creators and passionate storytellers. Based between London, Paris and Charleston all year round, we specialize in high touch events on a global scale - many of them spanning several days and all of them electric with energy. 


One-on-ones are our jam

We're in the business of people, and forming relationships with our couples from the start is at the heart of what we do.

W&O in the wild

We're simply itching to hear about the celebrations you have in store. Connect with us below!

Haley, Barcelona Fashion Week, 2018

alexis, Jardin des Plantes, 2017

One of our favorite parts of the planning process is the discovery phase... and spoiler alert - we ask a lot of questions. Our clients have equated the experience to being a little like Vogue's 73 Questions, and they love it! Frankly, we feel honored by the comparison.

Much like finding a hair stylist you trust inherently, finding your perfect planner is all about connection. While there are no shortage of fab professionals in the world of planning + design, our best piece of advice is to work with someone you trust. Who you can be transparent with, and who gives you that respect in return. Someone who just gets you.

In that same vein, we think it's only fair that you get to know the faces behind W&O a little more... 73 Questions style. Don't worry - our light-hearted dossiers are far from this scope. We know you have a life after all! From the design influences that have shaped our firm's style DNA to the invaluable experiences that have empowered us to finesse our production know-how, this is Willow & Oak: Unfiltered. 

Pre-W&O: Where were you?








Do you collect anything?


Graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor's in Hotel & Restaurant Management. (Alexis + I actually met during the same study abroad program just outside Rome, Italy!) Over the next 7 years, I'd work as a production assistant for a luxury consulting + design firm, an events coordinator for one of the top Fortune 500 companies in the world and an Editor & Content Curator for an international wedding publication. With over 300 events under my belt, it felt only fitting to finally launch W&O!

Mariana Hinestroza, Filipa de Abreu, Alexandra Macon, Rebecca de Ravenel, Claire Rose, Johanna Ortiz, Cordelia de Castellane, Nadia Fairfax-Wayne and Martina Mondadori

Literally anything by Kelly Wearstler, Martin Brudnizki Laura Gonzalez, or Luke Edward Hall 

The people, places and things that are destined for you are the ones that give you as much energy as they take. What's meant for us becomes a symbiotic force - when we move toward what's right, what's right moves toward us. - Brianna Wiest

Without question, Chipotle. And ceramics. I never seem to make it through a trip without hauling home some artisanal pottery.   

Greco Disco, Great Escapes Italy, AD at 100, Dior in Bloom, Island Hopping, de Gournay, Life in a French Country House, Vogue Living Country, City, Coast, Slim Aarons: Women

I fell for Reykjavik in an instant, Bergen in a weekend and Hallstatt in a memory...but I think my heart will always belong to Positano. Cliché, I know.

4am alarm. 5am workout. 6am walk with my sheepadoodle, Scout. 7am primping while listening to Coffee Break French. 8am Reading, Daily Goal Setting and Meditation. 9am Work begins - W&O studio playlist + Diptyqe BAIES candle in the background, bien sur

See ceramics above. I've always collected vintage pairs of porcelain Staffordshire spaniels, but more recently I've been on the hunt for 19th c French majolica animal pitchers. If you can't tell... I'm a dog person.

Enthusiastic. Romantic. Dedicated.



All things wild + weird

Ruffles + frills

Patterns of India

90's Claudia Schiffer

Bold floral prints

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Do you collect anything?


Like Haley, I graduated from Auburn and studied abroad in Italy. My Bachelor's is in Human Development & Family Studies, and my passion for philanthropy led me to spend a lot of time during and after college starting + developing non-profits, planning fundraising events and even dipping my toes in marketing + communications roles. Having met my husband (he's British) while in Rome for my international business minor, I ultimately moved to the UK where I now reside. During these final 5 pre-W&O years, I coordinated hundreds of corporate events, holiday parties, fundraising galas and weddings for a luxury venue in Buckinghamshire. The rest is history!

Julia Berolzheimer all the way. I tend to gravitate less towards individuals and more towards brands. Right now, it's midi dresses, colorful shoes (think Happy Yellow Chloé sneakers) and way too many boyfriend style striped shirts. 

Any Soho or Aman property! Head over heels for unexpected interiors like Lucy Williams' west London home or like Haley- anything Kelly Wearstler produces!

"Let's trade our tomorrows for champagne and the stars tonight." - Atticus

Hotel robe life and sticky toffee pudding (does that make me British?) and I will never say no to a margarita...

An American in Provence, Chanel Catwalk, At The Artisan's Table, In The Company of Women, The Well Appointed Home, Wabi Sabi, G. Forever Green, The Gardens of Bunny Mellon

My husband and I honeymooned on Lake Garda and that will always hold the best memories. Also have a soft spot for Belgium at Christmastime.

I live by my sunrise alarm clock... or my baby whichever is first ha. I'm a skincare gal so I adore starting my morning with a deep Vitamin C cleanse then serum, eye cream, sunscreen, moisturiser and finishing off with a rose oil massage. On the best days, I get in a long morning walk (mostly to get coffee at Gail's) or a Peloton spin followed by a morning meditation. 

Alice Palmer lampshades, tablecloths and far too many wallpaper + fabric samples from London's Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour. Schumacher forever!

Warm-hearted. Steadfast. Honest. 



Our spinning to the beat, dancing in the street sounds. From bossa nova and electro chill to modern French pop and boogie nights, these upbeat tunes are a M-O-O-D.


Our Production Associates

Our production associates are the backbone of every event we do. We feel fortunate to work with some of the hardest-working individuals in the industry. Their bright minds, can-do attitudes and fabulous interpersonal skills (even in the behind-the-scenes frenzy of a multi-day project) make all the difference for our discerning clients. On average, we typically have 6-8+ on-site associates per destination event - some local to the destination, but most regular members of our crew. 

We pride ourselves in the dynamic roles we assign to our production associates, all while ensuring they each have a comprehensive understanding of the big picture, the nitty gritty and of course, the clients. We've found it paramount to the seamless flow of events to simultaneously have boots on the ground everywhere, from the pre-wedding installations to the final clean-up and every guest-facing moment in between.

Our associates are flies on the wall that can be there in an instant to help with any guest emergencies or anticipate any VIP requests or needs. They're timeline enforcers + quality control that appreciate the high standards we're known for. And they're proactive observers that always have an eye on the guest experience so we can adapt to the real-time feeling as necessary. That means speeding up or slowing down a drinks reception based on the vibe, communicating with the food & bev manager to send out more trays of a particular canapé that guests are {literally} eating up, keeping tabs on the bar stock to ensure we're not at risk of running out of tequila... you get the gist! 

How do you keep your designs fresh?

Favorite moment of a wedding day? 

Favorite moment in the planning process? 

What would you like your work to be known for?

A: I really pull inspiration from the natural surroundings of the event destination and always remember to look up and down. Local cultures and artisanal traditions are the key to so many unique details, and I tend to snap pictures of things that inspire me everywhere I go (even if I don't pull it again until years later). I'd dare to say that our vast travel experience is one of our greatest strengths, as it's had a significant influence on the way we see the world + appreciate unique experiences. 

H: We get this question all the time! I'm a firm believer that designs flow effortlessly when your client is your muse. We talk a lot about storytelling in design, and to us, that never means something as simple as naming each table after a destination you've traveled together. We try to imbue every possible touchpoint with our clients' style loves, personalities, tone of voice, shared passions, individual heritages so they feel an emotional connection to everything. We're not so concerned about uniqueness for the sake of uniqueness. Rather, we're approaching each element of the aesthetic + experience design from these core questions, "How can we immerse guests in their story here? How can we employ the five senses - sight, smell, touch, taste and sound - to achieve this goal? How are these ideas congruent with their fundamental design + experience loves? How will this detail influence the feeling our clients want to create at this moment in the event? How is this helping the event build? This is just a brief example, but it really goes to show that our greatest sources of inspiration come from our clients and their sky-is-the-limit vision. 

A: I love dinner. The pressure tends to be gone, people are relaxed, enjoying incredible food & wine and the best conversations are starting.

H: If we're talking weddings, I'm a die-hard fan of the ceremony. It's the heart of the celebration, the ultimate why, and the most emotionally rich moment of the day - the love in the air (between the couple + from their guests) is always palpable. Selfishly, I also adore the moment we show our clients the finished event spaces for the first time. We live for those jaw-dropped-to-the-floor moments!

A: Visual proposal presentations- we love to show our couples what's been at work behind the scenes and see them light up watching everything come to life!

H: Echoing what Lex said! This moment is beyond special, as it's often an opportunity for us to show tablescape setups, floral mockups, food presentation, server attire, etc. in person. We really strive to make this a memorable presentation day, often at the venue to boot, and there's nothing like hearing our couples say "You guys have gone above + beyond. Everything feels like us, and we can't wait to share this with our guests." 

A: A pure reflection of the couple that pushes creative boundaries. A VERY good party.

H: Thoughtful designs, seamless flow, unforgettable experiences and making our clients + their guests feel held every step of the way.


We'd love nothing more than to learn about your vision, gush over your story and share a bit more about the method behind the madness!

The process starts with an initial consultation over Zoom - just use the link below to start the conversation!

In order to provide our couples with the high-touch service, immersive experiences and personal planner-client relationships they deserve, we only take on 3-5 full-service planning, design and production projects each year.