Wedding Venue & Vendor Contract Checklist



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The clauses you'll want to look out for and/or ask to include when reviewing + negotiating contracts with the following 15 categories:
No one likes to read the fine print.... we get it! 

So consider this your fast track to reviewing + refining your venue and vendor contracts - one of the least sexy, yet most critical parts of the planning process. 

With over a decade of experience establishing detailed wedding plans, directing complex vendor teams and refining our own internal processes + templates to set our clients up for success, we hope these "trade secrets" allow you to set up a solid foundation for your own wedding plans right from the start! 
  • Package dates, inclusions, and specifics on who you're actually booking with each company
  • Important deadlines for planning/design decisions and payment installments
  • Expected timeline (and method) of deliverables
  • Pre-Wedding services (i.e. meetings, mockups, scouting trips /venue tours)
  • Guaranteed rates and deadlines for upgrades later on, should you wish
  • Overtime rates, late payment fees, unforeseen expenses that might be incurred across the event dates
  • Vendor meal, Green Room and equipment requirements, as well as any setup and breakdown considerations
  • Policies on repurposing decor, production timeline capabilities and intentions of on-site associates, required number of breaks, etc.
  • Costs for adding additional staff members or revising timelines closer to the wedding date
  • Their willingness to collaborate with you + tailor their services to your needs/expectations
  • Measures both parties will take to ensure quality control
  • Creative license of the company, including how it pertains to substitutions in the event of an emergency
  • Copyrights, model and/or print releases, ownership of the design files, etc.
  • Travel Policies and Associated Costs
  • Minimum spend requirements + hidden fees to look out for
  • How Cancellations, Terminations, And Breaches Of Agreement Would Be Handled  

And this is just the start! While our contract checklists are designed to address the key topics for each vendor category, we've also given a fair bit of real estate to the unknowns. Those nightmare scenarios you hope will never happen, but you want to be prepared for if they ever do. 

As much as we detest the phrase, "you don't know what you don't know," it's absolutely true. And never is it more applicable than the multifarious world of wedding vendors and their contracts. 
1. Venue
2. Ceremony Music
3. Reception Band
4. DJ
5. Catering
6. Photography
7. Videography
8. Floral Design
9. A/V & Production
10. Rentals
11. Hair & Makeup
12. Cake & Desserts
13. Room Blocks
14. Officiant
15. Stationery

Instant Access To

✓ Your Comprehensive Spreadsheet Template Which May Be Edited In Excel or Numbers

✓ 15 Dedicated Tabs, One For Each Vendor With Between 20 to 60 Line Items To Look For & Discuss Before Signing The Dotted Line 

✓Field Notes Elaborating On Why Certain Policies Are Dangerous, What You Can Negotiate To Avoid Hefty Fees and Event Day Disasters And Which Policies Are Pretty Commonplace (And Why)