Three Ways To Make Your Wedding More Personal

Weddings that stick in guests’ minds for years to come are those which are full of true thoughtfulness and really tell the story of the couple getting married. Our wedding design philosophy is that your story should be everywhere and so completely evident on your big day, so with that in mind, here are three simple ways to make your wedding more personal:

1. Gifts To Each Other

After the wedding day there aren’t always many tangible items to take away, so one thing we encourage our couples to do is gift their soon-to-be husband or wife something that will really last. Whether this is a perfume or cologne that you have picked out, or a record player with a track of your first dance, take your time to get it right – the more thoughtful the better!

Photo by Kylee Yee from Rachel & Michael’s Wedding

2. Table Plan

We live for a creative table plan. Really, think outside of the box on this one, dig deep into your roots. Are you from the deep south? Put guest names and table assignment on a bag of grits. Getting married in the South of France? What about a gorgeous assortment of lavender for guests to look through or miniature bottles of olive oil from the region? The opportunities for creativity are endless.

Photo by Kylee Yee from Rachel & Michael’s Wedding

3. Personalization Through Catering

When planning the canapĂ© and wedding breakfast menus for your special day, really work with your caterer to bring out flavours that tell your story. Looking past the food, think also about how it’s served, the ingredients and how you can bring more of your personality to what you’re serving. Bubble Food is a good example of a company that does this brilliantly, for example by serving mini fish and chips on edible newspaper with the couple’s name on it.

Photo by Brian D. Smith Photography from LauraLee & Taylor’s elopement

So there you have it, three simple ways to make your wedding more personal. Truthfully, no matter the budget, location or time of year, your stamp on the day should be consistent no matter what. No cookie cutter, Pinterest copies allowed, OK? Let us know some of your best ideas on how to personalise your wedding in the comments below!


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