One of the most iconic settings & hotels in the world, The Ritz Paris. It's name proceeds itself, and for good reason. Classic, chic, legendary, let's take a closer look into what a wedding or event at the Ritz will entail. 

If it's good enough for Coco Channel, it's good enough for us! One of France's most celebrated designers, Madame Chanel called the Ritz Paris home for 34 years! Indeed, the Eloise life was never out of reach for this icon. Today, the 1st arrondissement institution is a place for the fashion, tech and media elites to hobnob, modern day casanovas to whisper sweet nothings and couples, empty nesters or stylish groups of friends to throw the most approachably posh fêtes. With salons reminiscent of Louis XVI's Paris and signature moments of humble luxuries (lookin' at you gold swan taps!), a bona fide dream team of concierges, sommeliers, chefs, maids (600 strong) and a courtyard garden that epitomizes a jardin à la français, the standards are high, the experience is unparalleled and the location is in the center of the action. For a city spanning 18 arrondissements, that's a pretty big deal! All in all, this Paris in its heyday time capsule lacks nothing. It's an exquisite choice for those who love historic preservation, but don't want to sacrifice of modern conveniences that most venues with this prerequisite unfortunately do without. And while you might have reservations about the decor restrictions, price point and partial privatization, we're quite confident that both the wedding planning process + seamless guest experiences championed by the Ritz Paris are worth every pretty penny. 

Old World Luxury 

Versailles Evocative Decadence

A Melting Pot of Period Furnishings from Baroque to Belle Époque


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Private walled 21,500 sq foot garden

Place Vendôme & Rue Cambon


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One of the most iconic settings & hotels in the world, The Ritz Paris. It's name proceeds itself, and for good reason. Classic, chic, legendary, let's take a closer look into what a wedding or event at the Ritz will entail. 

Photos courtesy of Ritz Paris

Photos courtesy of Ritz Paris


Practically Valedictorian for the School of Hard Knocks, César Ritz never let a single stumbling block stop him from creating one of the most globally celebrated stays in luxury in all of the world. One could say that growing up in a poverty-stricken household alongside your 12 siblings might make you a little bit of a pessimist, but it seemed to do the opposite for young César. Even when he was fired from his job at 15 years old and told he would never make it in the hospitality industry, he pulled up his bootstraps and sought out to create a singular brand rooted in warmth, generosity and the ultimate convergence of all things indulgent. Enter: The Ritz Paris. 

Independent of the Ritz Carlton brand smattered across big cities du jour, this Place Vendome palace retains all the charm and conviviality of Hemingway's Paris. We have César to thank for many of the modern conveniences expected in all hotels these days. Think: telephones, bathtubs and electricity in every room. In addition to these once-upon-a-time luxuries, he peppered each room with special touches like maid + valet cords, golden keys as light switches and peach-colored bath linens ("to enhance the complexion," bien sûr). 

César Ritz may not have grown up attending dinner parties studded with A-listers and aristocrats, but he certainly knows what can make a person feel like royalty. It's only fitting that the Ritz has gained a sparkling reputation from its long-term romance with luminaries like the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Coco Chanel, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Marcel Proust, Charlie Chaplin and of course, dear Ernest. It even courted Audrey Hepburn, appearing in films from Funny Face to Love in the Afternoon to How to Steal a Million.

And then there's the bar. Much ado has been made about this bar that Ernest Hemingway himself liberated from the Nazis at the end of WWII. Legend has it that he spared not a second before downing 51 cocktails in a row - a snippet of history we're quite happy to suspend belief for. Now called Bar Hemingway in his honor, it's cozy and study-like in ambiance, featuring memorabilia collected by cocktail barman Colin Field. There are original Ritz letterhead notes from Hemingway to his wife, framed LIFE magazine portraits, rifles, passports and so many more curiosities.

Come 1970, the hotel was sold to Mohamed al-Fayed for $30m. If his name sounds familiar, it might be because you recognize him as the owner of Harrods at the time, but it's much more likely that you're thinking of his connection to Dodi al-Fayed (his son and Princess Diana's last boyfriend). The ill-fated duo shared their last meal at the Ritz Paris, in the Imperial Suite, in fact. 

Through the years, the Ritz Paris has undergone a number of top-to-bottom refurbishments... the last of which happened in 2016, when it closed its doors for 3 years to let acclaimed architect + designer Thierry Despont work his magic. $450 million later, the Ritz is as stunning as ever. Textbook opulence without the stuffiness. Truly, their service standard is the one to beat! 

Photos courtesy of Ritz Paris


The Ritz Paris has a variety of event spaces, really depending on how many guests you have and the setup you desire. We personally love starting the day in the Grand Jardin- complete with a beautiful stone fountain and heaps of greenery. The architecture of the hotel really hugs this area, if you will, and creates the perfect setting for a ceremony or welcome drinks for up to 120 for a ceremony and 400 for a standing cocktail. 

Moving along, we really love Salon D'Été for pre dinner Champagne and canapés. This beautiful spot is at the end of the Grand Jardin and is even complete with it's own terrace. For a standing event, the maximum is 120 guests.

For dinner, assuming you have more than 50 guests, you can either dine in Salon Louis XV or Salon Vendôme. Salon Louis XV is grand in it's design with large arched window and gold ornate paneling. Salon Vendôme is much more like a traditional ballroom except obviously in Ritz Paris fashion. This is certainly the largest room holding 204 guests on round tables or up to 120 guests on rounds with the addition of a dancefloor too. 


If only these walls could talk... With 71 exquisitely decorated rooms + suites, the Ritz Paris can certainly hold most guest lists. Though there are a large variety of room types, prepare for all of them to entail a large sense of grandeur. Think canopy beds, moulding, artwork, the best fabrics in the world and overall, details galore. There's something about the hotel which really takes you in whilst also never sacrificing that fairytale feeling of being in the center of Paris. 

Whilst every room is incredibly beautiful in its own way, we have a special love for both Suite Vendôme and Suite Windsor. Let's start with Suite Vendôme- an incredible bedroom with two salons- the green and gold paired together make us feel like we are a Princess living in Versailles for the night. Out the window, you will enjoy one of the best views of the Vendôme Square there is. Now onto Suite Windsor, maybe it's secretly our love of France and England merging but we cannot get enough of this masterpiece of a suite. The 'Wallis Blue', deep wood, creams and gold marry together to make the most idyllic setting. One far too perfect to actually sleep in. This room of course hosts a separate dressing and living room.

The other suites are named either after locations or famous previous guests such as the Suite Coco Chanel where the fashion icon arrived in 1937 and proceeded to stay for 34 years. There is also Suite Maria Callas, Suite Mansart, Suite César Ritz and Suite Ernest Hemingway just to name a few! For those looking for more intimate living quarters, you will be pleased to know The Ritz also offer a Grand Deluxe Room, Deluxe Room,  Executive Room and Superior Room.

Photos courtesy of Ritz Paris


The Ritz Paris do everything to make sure their guests have everything they could simply want or need under one roof. Let's start as we mean to go on with Bar Vendôme- think chic Parisian brasserie that offers a beautiful selection of food throughout the day. Think Eggs Benedict or French Toast for breakfast and then a choice of burgers, salads, oysters or more classic mains for lunch and dinner. This restaurant is open daily between 10:00am and 1:00am.

Around on Sunday? "A Taste of the Ritz Paris' is not to be missed if so! Offered every Sunday between 12:00pm and 3:00pm.

Who said afternoon tea has to be in England? The Ritz are pleased to challenge the best of them with their beautiful tea in Salon Proust. Everyone needs a tea break after a morning at the museums and shopping, are we right?

Oh the bars! Now, I must warn that the bars at The Ritz Paris might be some of the most noteworthy/desired in the city. It's not unheard of for their to be a long line come opening time. Let's start with the Ritz Bar- for the astrology lovers out there- this one is for you! The cocktails are zodiac-themed and meant to bring connections amongst their visitors. The sky's the limit.... 

Onto Bar Hemingway, as mentioned earlier, is named after Ernest Hemingway himself. This cozy bar has only 25 seats and is meant to feel like a members club to all who visit.

Last but not least, for those after a formal dining experience, you can visit L`Espadon however it is currently closed. 


The Ritz Paris is located in the 1st arrondissement. If you are not familiar with how the arrondissements of Paris work, they essentially start at the center (the 1st) and then from there it swirls around the city like a lollipop would. The 1st is an incredible area to stay especially if it's one of your first trips to the city and you want to check off some of those big sites. The other great thing about the 1st is that since a majority of it is occupied by the Louvre Museum and the Tuileries Gardens, it's one of the least populated areas in the city. 

If we were Coco Channel for the day, living at the Ritz, we would start our day walking through the Tuileries Gardens (5m walk from Ritz), through the park and to the Seine, we would then follow this along whilst seeing the sites of Paris by the water.

We mention Coco Chanel a lot in this guide but one of the main reasons she picked The Ritz is because it was just across the street from her store. The same is true to this day, and not just Chanel, the 1st is famous for luxury shopping.

High-level, no matter where in the world you are traveling from, Paris is incredibly accessible and the perfect spot to gather your nearest and dearest for a celebration unlike any other, in the city of lights.

Photos by Ritz Paris

"When I dream of an afterlife in heaven... the action always takes place at the Ritz Paris." - Ernest Hemingway 


When you love Paris, you know you love Paris and that's the type of couple or guest that typically picks the Ritz for a special celebration. The Ritz is Paris through and through. Typically, it also attracts couples who love and appreciate design and details. These couples tend to love food, wine and indulging in the finest and... at the end of the day, wish to share that with those who they love. 

Paris is one of those places that everyone should experience at least once in life. And typically, our Paris couples agree- they want to share that love and fondness of the city with their guests. Paris also makes an incredible base for anyone looking to travel further throughout France or Europe in general. 

Due to the size of rooms at The Ritz Paris, we typically believe for the best event size to be 120 or under. With that being said, if you are looking for a more intimate celebration- say 40 guests or fewer, you do really open up your options at the property. 



Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport 
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Address: 5 place Vendôme 75001 Paris



Gare du Nord
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