Events at Château de la Messardière

Château de la Messardière is the crème de la crème of the Riveria. Live in a Saint Tropez dreamscape with your crew - the only hard decision of the day being whether to enjoy your glass of impossibly crisp rosé on a pool-kissing sun-lounger or a chic beach club perch. A trick dilemma really... the answer is both.

From its sherbet-hued turrets to its sweeping par la mer views, this legendary St. Tropez address is an utter sensation following its top-to-bottom rejuvenation courtesy of luxury hospitality masters, Airelles. If the name sounds familiar, that's because this French-owned hospitality group manages some of the most sought after venues throughout Europe. If you've seen our coverage of Bastide de Gordes or Chateau d'Estoublon in Provence, we'd be willing to bet that your current POV is this: frantically searching for the nearest armchair because you know you'll be weak at the knees in a millisecond. More than Monica and Chandler could even, you know that we know that you know how important it is to brace yourself before these heavy-hitting wow moments take center stage on your screen. We have a moral imperative to warn you that perfection of the highest order exists in spades below. From the hyperbole-worthy cuisine to the insanely cool kid's club,  the  the latter of which has us wondering why we ever grew up at all (oh yeah, rosé... which can be enjoyed amidst the birdsong of its Eden reminiscent gardens or the minty-striped bungalow of its private beach club), this 120 year old chateau is simply sublime. 

A bit of backstory - this "acropolis of the Riviera" sits atop 30 prime acres overlooking both the Bay of Pampelonne and the gulf of St. Tropez and was originally a wedding present to Henry Brisson de la Messardière and his wife, artist Louise Dupuy D'Angeac. Sure puts my registry to shame!  Steeped in history, the estate became a hotel in 1904 and has held mass appeal for the summer migration of Parisian aristocracy and the glittering jetset ever since. While there's much-deserved buzz about many a Côte d'Azur palace, Chateau de la Messardière  is especially well-suited for those interested in marrying the tranquility of a secluded (and exceptionally scenic setting) with the convenient accessibility and electric energy of one of the world's most beloved Riviera resort towns. 

Bond meets Bardot

A Baroque mélange of Florentine, Provencal and Moorish architecture with quasi-Caribbean interiors


The Bay of Pampelonne and Gulf of Saint-Tropez
30 acres of umbrella pines, lemon trees and lush gardens tethered to the sky


19th c Estate Turned Luxury Hotel

Exclusive Use & Partial Hire


Château de la Messardière is the crème de la crème of the Riveria. Live the Saint Tropez dream with your guests- where your hardest decision of the day is whether you will enjoy your chilled rosé on a a chic sun-lounger by the pool or at their private beach club.

Photos courtesy of Château De La Messardière, Vladie White, Katie Giorgadze

Photos courtesy of Château de la Messardière


It's hard not to fall head over heels in love with Château de La Messardière. Airelles has managed to marry the charm of Provence with a hint of that famous Saint-Tropez glamour all while giving guests unmatched views of the water. It's hard to hard argue that this property doesn't have it all. 

The tangerine exteriors can brighten anyone's day while inside, Airelles has focused on bright easy whites, crisp linens so that from your room, your eye is automatically drawn to outward and those sweeping umbrella pines and the bay in the distance. 

At the château's restaurant, Carrara by Marco Garfagnini, prepare to be smitten with the introduction of peachy fabric and terracotta planters which with the combination of the tangerine exterior, create a sorbet dream. For the tables, chairs, flooring and umbrellas, the group has kept the design to white, black and beige- the perfect option to let those other sorbet colors pop! Not to mention, the natural greenery scattered throughout the terrace and surrounding the estate.

The private beach club... it deserves a moment. Simple yet chic. Think white linen cushions paired with wooden loungers, covered in blue and white striped towels beneath a flouncy white parasol. Need we say more? Oh! But, then there's the journey of getting TO the beach club... an experiential design moment was NOT missed here... prepare to drool over their in house mini Moke's. 

Like we said... the crème de la crème.

Photos courtesy of Château De La Messardière


While the hotel is generous in the number of guests it can accommodate, the event spaces are quite defined. We love mixing things up, but at Château De La Messardière,  it's pretty clear where the standout locations are! If it were up to us, we adore hosting a more casual welcome party either at the private beach club OR one of the restaurants we are not using on the main event night. Think high energy entertainment, light bites or chic interactive food stations! 

Whether opting for private or partial hire, we love opting for a ceremony (if applicable) and a drinks reception in the Potager Garden. This private area has a way of hugging guests, as umbrella pines work to frame the sea.

Moving along to dinner, guests will be in awe when they enter the L'Auberge des Maures. The classic white ornate iron armchairs paired with the tangerine exteriors, marble columns and large glass arched windows... chef's kiss. Since the size of this area is generous (maximum of 150 guests), we can have fun with the layout, maybe even creating a mix of longer banquet style tables and rounds for your multi course seated dinner. With the altitude of L'Auberge des Maures, not only will your guests be swept be away but everything in relation to the event but it is simply a unmatched location for sunset.

Moving along to the party, the Canebiers Salon was quite literally built for you! This Ballroom is currently being renovated however it will be 200 sqm, have natural daylight and an adjacent terrace. The space checks all of our practical boxes... now let's have fun with the design! 

If we haven't used the beach club yet, what are we waiting for? Jardin Tropézina is a GEM! Fresh fish, truffle pizza, iced gaspacho, smoothies, cocktails... need we go on? Let your guests decide whether they want to lounge in the sun, swim in the turquoise sea or relax at the restaurant... all whilst of course recapping and sharing stories and forever memories of the incredible weekend. The maximum capacity of Jardin Tropézina is 180 guests.


The château has an incredible 99 rooms on property. And, one thing we love, none of them are too try hard- they are chic and soft with all of them proposing a different view. 

The superior rooms will offer guests a balcony with panoramic views of leafy gardens and vineyards of Ramatuelle OR a sea view. Before we move onto the suites, we personally j'adore the Deluxe Room Poolside- you have to check out the beautiful balcony with Umbrella Trees almost close enough to kiss. Picture sitting here, sun-kissed from a day at the beach, chilled rosé in hand, deep in a book.  

Let's move onto the suites! For Junior Suites, each has a private terrace with sun loungers for those who want to soak up a bit more sun in private. It's your choice whether to opt for a sea view or one of the Bay of Pampelonne. Now onto the larger suites: The One Bedroom, Two Bedroom, Suite Riviera and Terrace Suite are all incredibly spacious with varied landscapes in the distance depending on your view of choice.

For the guests of honor, we would recommend a splurge and opting for either the Garden Pool Suite (complete with private pool), Prestige Suite, Suite Victoire and La Résidence. Ok, the best room of all may be Suite Louise, it has a surface of 100 m2, 2 spacious bedrooms (hello own dressing & bathrooms each) and incredible outdoor space featuring a private pool and fully equipped summer kitchen. Sold? Us too. 

If you have never experienced an Airelles property, take our word, every room will be impeccable with some of the best staff in the world. Prepare to be swept away.

Photos courtesy of Château De La Messardière

Photos courtesy of Villa TreVille and by Dan Kullberg and Emilie White


Here's the scoop, we love relaxing into a fancy hotel for the week but we don't know about you- we can get tired of eating the same cuisine over and over... For anyone who agrees, you will be pleasantly surprised with the options at Château De La Messardière- with 4 restaurants on property, and even more off-site, Airelles offers real variety... let's dive in!

La Table de la Messardière is where, as a guest, you'll head for breakfast every morning. Take the pastries fluffy and the orange juice freshly squeezed... all whilst enjoying those incomparable views of Pampelonne Bay. After breakfast and lunch are complete, the restaurant changes with the night into a sophisticated setting where you will enjoy those local, Mediterranean classics that you dream of when visiting the Riveria. 

Is it just us or when experiencing the European summer do you sometimes crave those Eastern flavors? Airelles heard us, and listened! Matsuhisa is an on-site pan-Asian restaurant with views of Pampelonne Bay. Prepare for a real treat- think Sashimi salmon tacos, Wagyu steak with three dressings or our guilty favorite, king crab tempura with Amazu Ponzu sauce.

Last but certainly not least for the on-site restaurants, we have Carrara by Marco Gardagnini- an al fresco Tuscan feast. On the menu, we have the chef's classic dishes from his childhood such as roasted langoustine with Cremona mustard, lemon mint ricotta ravioli (needs a moment) and classic Tiramisu. If there was ever a moment for 'chef's kiss' now is the time.

Time for a tipple? Head to Bar 1904 where Airelles has curated an incredible cocktail menu packed full of classics old and new with a focus on drinks such as Fitzgerald's favorite gin cocktail to Picasso's beloved absinthe. 

Fancy a trip off property and into the heart of Saint-Tropez? You have options! For those craving a taste of Italy, head right to Zetta. Think green and white interiors and tables meant for sharing their speciality, pizzettas (small pizzaz), fresh salads and gourmet ice cream. Another option is Pan deï Palais which is more formal in design and focuses more on traditional Mediterranean dishes made for sharing. Last but certainly not least, visit La Sardine where as the name suggests, Chef Nicolas Arnaud serves only the freshest catch of the day- think seafood platters of crab tartare, raw tuna and roasted octopus. Divine.

Photos courtesy of Château De La Messardière

Photos courtesy of Château De La Messardière


There's a reason even the chicest of Parisians flock to Saint-Tropez every year... it's simply iconic. For those who have never had the pleasure of visiting, it sits almost equally between Nice and Marseille. The landscape can give the sense of Provence while also giving you the best of the Riveria... in our opinion. 

One of the best things about Saint-Tropez is it really does have it's own vibe. Quite simply, it attracts a crowd. And for good reason! As I'm sure you suspect, crowds can be a bit of a double edged sword if you're hosting an event - or even if you just want some peace and quiet when you travel! That, my friend, is why Chateau de la Messardiére is so special. It is its own haven just outside of the city - a 7-minute drive to be exact. 

To reach the château, you will drive up the hills, through the lush green terrain- this is great because it really does feel like your own little village, everything is there but if you want to go out into the bigger town, it's just a stone throw away. 

When in Saint- Tropez, take your time, go in all of the shops, admire the luxury yachts and remember to check out one of Airelles restaurants located in the town itself. And when you are done, the halcyon hills of  your beautiful château await. 

"Château de la Messardière is a haven of peace and tranquility set back from the tumultuous coastline of the Var."
- Vogue France


Those who adore the charm of Provence but equally crave the siren sounds of the Mediterranean Sea will find contentment here. Château de la Messardière effortlessly sticks to its French roots while also ensuring nothing feels too ritzy, gauche or overdone. It's ultra chic, supremely inviting and the perfect home away from home. 

When your guests arrive, it's the perfect time for them to settle in, maybe treating them to a cocktail or ice cream poolside. For the welcome party, we often find guests are excited to get out and explore... the area is rife with possibilities! For the main event, whether that's a wedding or milestone celebration, we adore starting with drinks or a ceremony in the Potager Garden. Moving along to dinner and you cannot beat the picturesque backdrop of L'Auberge des Maures with views of the bay. End the evening dancing until the early hours in their Ballroom. Sunday, well if we must, we highly recommend a beachside lunch at the château's private beach club, Jardin Tropézina.

The beauty of Château de la Messardière is that it works for a variety of guest counts! There is the option of both partial and full private hire which is quite rare for St. Tropez properties. If you do opt for partial hire, you will likely be required to reserve around 25 rooms, give or take. For any other guests, they will be spoiled for choice, a sure benefit of the region. While there are many options, keep in mind that St. Tropez is luxury personified. Translation: your guests will inevitably run into a higher price tag than other parts of France. Drop us a line to chat more about alternative possibilities!

Please note, the hotel is open seasonally from May to October

How to Reach Château de la Messardière

Address: 2 Route de Tahiti, 83990 Saint-Tropez, France



1h30 minutes from Nice airport 

2h30 minutes from Marseille Provence aiport


1h15 minutes from Saint-Raphaël train station

1h30 minutes from Toulon train station


7 min

Photos courtesy of Château De La Messardière

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