52 Date Night Ideas For Engaged Couples

The best way to make the wedding planning process as enjoyable as it can be? Play the long game! Couples sometimes get swept up in a creative fever of planning + design that they forget the importance of slowing down, breathing and indulging in regular date nights amidst all the meetings and parties thrown on their behalf. So today, we want to encourage you to keep those sacred date nights at the top of the Priority List, and we’re sharing some of our favorite date night ideas for engaged couples to enjoy during a full year of planning.

white linen blouse with rust colored pants and a fisherman sweater next to homemade apple pie station for a cozy autumn date night idea

Ready to dive in?

1. Attend a candle making class in your city

2. Have a couple’s spa retreat
Go all in with the massages, body wraps, exfoliating scrubs… maybe even partake in a holistic wellness retreat together over the course of an entire week or weekend!

3. Attend an oyster roast

4. Go sailing or kayaking

5. Progressive Dinner Crawl 

6. Wine + cheese tasting

7. Make like Julia Child and enjoy a cooking class together
You can get creative with this in so many ways whether it’s learning how to make something local to your city or something that helps you look forward to the honeymoon destination – hello pasta making workshop!

8. Shop at the local farmers’ market

9. Go rock climbing

10. Picnic in the park 
Hampton Park would have to be our favorite here in Charleston, and we’ve got a special place in our hearts for Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park and Richmond Park in London!

vintage cruiser bicycles with woven baskets

11. Take a pottery-making class

12. Watch sunset on the beach
Bonus points if you style your own luxury cabana for the occasion!

13. See a show at a comedy club

14. Build a blanket fort and watch old movies

15. Go glamping
Hey, who says those designer tree houses don’t count for this?

16. Root for your favorite sports team at a local game or match

17. Visit an UNESCO world heritage site
These notable spots can be found all over the globe, hence the name! Find out which ones are closest to you here.

18. Pick apples or berries at a local spot

19. Camp out under the stars

20. Breathe in fresh scents at local flower fields
Rows of lavender, beds of tulips, sunbursts of dahlias… these views forever inspire!

cream fisherman sweater from LL Bean on a handsome man playing the guitar to his girlfriend

21. Classic board game night

22. Gather around a bonfire

23. Learn something new together
Pick up a lesson or two on surfing, dancing, gardening, painting… the list is endless!

24. Visit local hot springs

25. Volunteer together

26. Dine in the dark 
One of the most unique experiences if there’s a restaurant near you that offers this!

27. Visit an art gallery

28. Bike rides in the park 

29. Curate a playlist inspired by your honeymoon destination – perhaps a multi course dinner too! 

30. Restore something together
Could be anything from vintage furniture to a classic car!

white linen blouse with rust colored pants and a fisherman sweater rest their bicycles on an old tree during autumn for a fall date idea

31. Recreate your first date

32. Visit a drive-in theatre

33. Splurge on a fancy train getaway 
The British Pullman should be at the top of your bucket list!

34. Go iceskating followed by fireside snuggles + hot cocoa

35. Enjoy a hot air balloon ride together

36. Attend a local mixology class

37. Head to a rooftop bar
Our go-to’s in Charleston would have to be Citrus Club at The Dewberry, Eleve at the Grand Bohemian and Fiat Lux at Hotel Bennett

38. Rent a private room at a karaoke bar
My Best Friend’s Wedding vibes every time

39. Make a day out of your engagement session

40. Catch your favorite live music group

homemade apple pie station for a cozy autumn date night idea

41. Visit a vineyard and schedule a private tasting

42. Take a scenic drive

43. Take an architecture tour

44. Make something from scratch
Homemade bread recipes this way!

45. See holiday lights when ’tis the season

46. Go to a jazz club

47. Plan a safari if you want to get wild

48. Visit open houses in your dream neighborhood

49. Tour a garden or botanical nursery

50. Sign up for Secret Cinema and let spontaneity take center stage
One of London’s best kept secrets

51. Go skydiving or bungee jumping – anything thrilling!

52. Create a travel bucket list for your lives together

white linen blouse with rust colored pants and a fisherman sweater walking their bicycles down an open autumn forest path

I hope these 52 date night ideas are the perfect kickstart for keeping your time together intentional and exciting during this season of wedding planning + so much love!

We’d love to hear your own favorite date night ideas, so drop a comment below to share! And if the wedding planning overwhelm has started kicking in for you, we’d be so honored to guide you in your planning journey. Learn more about our process here and send us a message for more details on how we can serve you best during this amazing season of your life!

‘Til next time!



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