Best Wedding Venues in the uK & Ireland

The UK and Ireland are blessed with an abundance of stately homes, country manor houses, world-class hotels and historic national landmarks, many of which now make breathtaking wedding venues. If you're a lover of classic movies or TV period dramas, such as Downton Abbey, The Crown or Outlander, then getting married in the UK or Ireland could be for you. The immaculate architecture and thoughtfully designed interiors naturally lend themselves to beautiful wedding design that enhances, rather than transforms. 

While petite in size as a whole, each region offers its own distinctive character, making it entirely possible to get married in the tranquility of the English countryside yet revel in the buzzing city-center of London in less than an hour or two of travel. Fortunately, the same could be said for wedding venues on the outskirts of Edinburgh and Dublin, incentivizing wedding guests to relax and stay a while. Ultimately, the UK and Ireland are fantastic wedding destination choices for couples seeking a multi-faceted wedding experience that offers rich cultural experiences alongside the private, more exclusive celebrations. 

With these strengths in mind, here is our roundup of the best wedding venues in the UK and Ireland...

Magnificent formal gardens, Tudor and Baroque architecture, elegant ballrooms... English wedding venues are steeped in history, but that doesn't mean every wedding in England needs to look like a state dinner at Buckingham Palace. Many venues have their own unique X-factor like the eclectic playground ambiance of Anyhoe Park or the dramatic ivy-covered facade of Maunsel House. Whatever your style, mood or level of formality, there are a plethora of English wedding venues to meet your needs. 

Wedding Venues in England

Kin House

Hedsor House


Kew Gardens

Cliveden House

syon Park

Pynes House
Coming Soon

Kirtlington Park

Thorpe Manor

Cornwell Manor

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Ireland wedding venues offer a sense of timeless elegance in ways that few venues in other countries can replicate. Perhaps it's the timeworn beauty of 800-year old castles, the back-to-nature activities like falconry or horse riding or the sustainable ways they work with the environment and not against it. Weddings in the Emerald Isle have an innate sense of mysticism - a magic that can only be described as fairytale - and whether you choose a coastal venue or a secluded manor in the midlands, you're sure to find beautifully-appointed interiors, epic views and historic architecture wherever you search. 

Wedding Venues in Ireland

Killruddery House
Coming Soon

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