Do I Need A Wedding Planner

You made it! He/she popped the question, cue the bubbly, you are engaged! First, take a deep breath, you are probably feeling a whirlwind of emotions – who to call first, which party to plan, whether you need a wedding planner and how many of your parents’ friends do you need to invite to the wedding? All of this while taking in that new addition to your left hand and your handsome/beautiful fiancé. Say it again because, it feels good… fiancé!

Give it maybe two days before you get asked… ‘so, when’s the date?!.’ The date for what? Your new anniversary? No, they are talking about your wedding date. Because, lets face it, sometimes that early stage of enjoying engagement season often gets completely skipped over. We’re here to tell you…don’t let it, like ever. This our friend, is the first reason to hire a wedding planner.

1. Enjoy the engagement process

With a wedding planner, you get to enjoy every part of the process. Let us do all the wed min while you sit back, enjoy those engagement photos and think about what YOU both really want in a wedding. In your consultation process- we go over all of this.

Just engaged bride showing her engagement ring
Having a wedding planner means you can spend your time enjoying your engagement season instead of searching for vendors and managing your budget. Photo credit: Brian D Smith Photography

2. Have confidence that everything is done!

Brides and grooms seem to have the most anxiety not over what they are currently have planned but, what they could be missing. Planning a wedding is a once in a lifetime event so just enjoy it without being unsure during any part of the process.

Engaged couple riding bikes in the woods with their Sheepadoodle
Spend your engagement doing the fun things you should be doing! Photo credit: Brian D Smith Photography

3. Stick to the budget

As much as we hate the “B” word… its real. You need to know and love your budget. This again, is something we decide on at Phase 1 in our process and trust us, friend it will save you so much stress. Have those awkward conversations at first about who will be gifting what and stick to it. One of our most important jobs is looking after your budget for you and being realistic of what ‘we’ can and cannot afford. Plus, no one wants to start off a marriage knowing you overspent – not cool!

Married couple looking into each others eye in the woods
As boring as it might be, budget planning is a huge part of planning a wedding and how it’s managed has a big influence over the quality of your vendors. Photo credit: Brian D Smith Photography

4. Reassurance that your day will be what you want

We have heard so many horror stories about couples forgetting to do this or that, the ceremony style not being completely what they had in mind and so much more. With Willow & Oak we start this from Phase 1, we listen to you at every meeting, understanding what is and is not important to you. At our final meeting we will go over absolutely every hour of your wedding day to make sure nothing gets missed.

Outdoor wedding table with flowers and candles by Willow and Oak Events
Make sure your wedding is perfect every step of the way with a planner guiding you through all those big decisions. Photo credit: Brian D Smith Photography

5.  Know you can trust your vendors

The wedding world grows day by day as new vendors join. These days, a fancy instagram page or a blog can even sway Brides/Grooms to choose a certain vendor. However, your vendors are what make your day. They are the icing on the cake and the guys that make us look really good. For this reason, its crucial to chose the right ones. Let us help you know your day it everything you dreamed of.

Bride with bouquet
A dream team of trusted vendors will truly make your wedding the most beautiful and enjoyable it can be. We work with the best of the best! Photo credit: Brian D Smith Photography

OK, ladies and gents, these are just five of the many reasons you should hire a wedding planner. At Willow & Oak we pride ourselves on building such a strong relationship with you both, we are so much more that just a designer and coordinator. If you’re still undecided, get in touch, we would love to chat!

And…congratulations again!

Enjoy this time,


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