9 Activities for your South of France Holiday

When looking for activities to do with your loved ones in Provence or the South of France, look no further. We hope this list of some of our favorite things to do helps you you’re your perfect upcoming holiday.

Aix en Provence, a village in the South of France
Photography by Kristin Sautter
  1. Classic car tour

Touring Provence behind the wheel of a classic car might be the most idyllic way to ever spend a warm and sunny day in dear Provence. Provence Classics is always our go-to for classic car hire for weddings and activities days.

2. Hiking to the Calanques

This is not a gentle stroll speaking from experience, but, if you love to hike, the view and beach at the end is so rewarding! We recommend either driving to the starting point otherwise, it adds a large amount of time walking from the Cassis train station through the town then to the national park. Be sure to wear hiking shoes, wear your bathing suit under your clothes and take plenty of water + food in your backpack.

3. Wine Tasting

It is no secret that one of the main reasons visitors from all over the world head to Provence every year- it is one of the best wine regions in the world. Take your time exploring and schedule in a long tasting at your favorite vineyard.

Bastide de Marie, luxury hotel in Provence
One of our favorite hotels and wineries, Bastide de Marie

4. Spa Day

What would a vacation be without a bit of pampering? As a luxury holiday destination, Provence has a variety of spas to choose from. Our top picks would be La Bastide de Gordes and Baumanière. Enjoy!

5. Market visits

Ohh how I love a good market day- waking up early in the morning with a coffee and croissant then heading to the local market. Unsure of where to go and when? Check out our guide here to market days in Provence. And remember to take cash!

6. Rent a boat

If hiking isn’t for you or perhaps you want to sit back and relax while still being the water, something like this could be calling your name!

7. Hot Air Balloon Ride

8. Book a session to make your own perfume in Grasse

9. Cooking class at your villa

As always, if you are interested in getting married in the South of France, be sure to check out our services page here or get in touch.

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