The Gather Together Experience

The Gather Together Experience

I’m so excited to announce that we’re moving full speed ahead with one of the dreams we’ve had for a long time… making intimate weddings and elopements that are tasteful, elegant and all about togetherness more attainable for couples! Especially now, in the midst of a global pandemic that has affected every single one of us, we wanted to let you know that we hear you. We understand your struggles. And we want to do all we can to support you.

So let me introduce you to… The Gather Together Experience!

Though this is a collaboration that has been a long time coming, we must acknowledge the extraordinary events of the current climate. As deeply connected with our couples as we are, every single vendor on this team is pouring out their sincere, heartfelt love to everyone whose wedding plans have been impacted by COVID-19 in any way. And whether you want to save your grand celebration for a later date, but still officially wed in in the meantime without having to take the courthouse route… or whether this is the exact type of celebration you’ve always dreamed (there’s certainly a reason we love it!)… we want to provide you with a wedding experience that is albeit petite, highly impactful.

The Gather Together Experience was born from a desire to eliminate the decision fatigue that can sometimes come with a more full-service planning process. While we certainly strive to make the engagement season with our couples a seamless and enjoyable experience, it’s simply not for everyone!

Let me ask you if any of these statements rings a bell…

  • You know your why. A wedding is a celebration of marriage – all the years of togetherness to come. It’s not just a big party to throw based on the traditions others have set in the past.
  • The search for the right wedding vendor team seems so overwhelming… You want to hire a team that you trust, but how can you possibly know who works well together?
  • Life never seems to slow down, and with a hundred things on your plate as it is, you wish there was a way to plan a wedding without feeling emotionally drained + stretched for time
  • You immediately feel stressed when thinking about (and tracking!) all the different payment terms, minimum spends, requirements, spreadsheets, questionnaires and beyond that each vendor is bound to have if you go it alone
  • You have a distinct style sense and desire a wedding that reflects it, but you don’t need every little detail down to the napkin ring to have significant meaning
  • You want to feel heard, understood and supported so that you can sit back and enjoy every step of the way

If any of these sentences resonated with you, then tune in because my friend, we designed The Gather Together Experience specifically for YOU.

Between June and November 2020 in Charleston, SC, we are offering all-inclusive weddings at Middleton Place with semi-custom designs based on curated inspiration boards following these moods: Old World Garden Romance, Flirty Modern Color Pop and Cozy Minimalist Earth Tones. We’ve cultivated a team of experienced wedding vendors who will bring each look to life, depending on the one that clicks with your style best!

Here’s who will be designing your wedding for this unique offering:

Brian D Smith Photography
Willow & Oak Events
Philo Floral
Middleton Place
Vanilla + The Bean
Contours & Curls
Paper Refinery

We’re offering options for either a Ceremony only or a Ceremony with a Dinner, and you can have up to 20 guests as part of the celebration! For more details about the process, the timeline, the moods and FAQ’s, please drop us a line here and indicate your interest in the Gather Together Experience along with the dates you’re most leaning towards (even if it’s just a range for now!)

We’d love to support you as you celebrate this monumental new chapter of your lives together – with flowers, portraits and the prettiest European aesthetic scenery to boot!


All photos by Brian D Smith Photography // See the full gallery and vendor team here!


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